New identity scroll! Click here for introduction..

Owner Identification

DOID of object:

DOID to Person lookup


Local client information
Important: Press CTRL-Shift-L in the There client (NOT inside this browser window!) to activate this feature.

Object ID:

Prepered by CrystalShard for the There community.

As of There V2.0 I am proud to say that the Identification process have been made ALOT easier thanks to some very needed changes at There. :) Instead of using the Identity scroll for just about anything, you can now click "About" And get ownership information on just about any object in There. Unfortunatly, some objects can still remain a mystery... thus, the Identity Scroll have been modified to both take advantage of Version 2's new features and requirements. Happy identifying! :)

CrystalShard, March 2nd 2004.